10 Halloween Cookie Ideas You Can Actually DIY

 Halloween is all about creativity (Costumes! Decorations! Desserts!), and nowhere does that shine through more than in delectable, so-seasonal cookies.

Whether you’re in the mood for an ooey, gooey, sugary treat or a healthier alternative to Halloween candy, you can find it here.

Make them scary, or make them cute — these recipes showcase the spectrum of flavor and spookiness (or cuteness!) that Halloween is known for.

Don’t be scared to make these recipes at home!

Candy Corn Swirl Cookies

Swirl cookies are simple to manufacture and give to every table the perfect splash of Halloween color.

I enjoy sweets that are complex and intricate. Anything that makes people truly say “Wow!” But sometimes I have no time (or energy) to bring together a dessert like that.

Or I bring several recipes together sometimes and they just can’t all be “wowers” (hey, a girl has to have a life outside of baking too!).

It’s moments like those, when I turn to plain cookies, like a swirl cookie inspired by candy corn!

Get the recipe at The Simple, Sweet life.


These Stuffed Chocolate Cookies with Salted Caramel are to die for! Sprinkled with sea salt, a dark chocolate cookie is stuffed with a Milky Way bar. They’re extra gooey and juicy!

Get the recipe at Life Love and Sugar.


These Spider Cookies from Peanut Butter are cute and tasty! For a nice Halloween treat that everybody would love, they are the right combo.

Halloween cookies, whether you bake them for a party or just enjoy them, are guaranteed to be a treat!

Get the recipe at Mommy Musings.


Three special recipes, including candy-corn flavored chocolate bark, graveyard cupcakes, and mummy cookies, for kid-friendly Halloween pleasure.

Get the recipe at Lana’s Cooking.


Pumpkin Cookies are extremely fluffy and nice in your mouth, … melt-in-your-mouth! These cookies have a slight pumpkin taste and are topped with a decadent frosting of cream cheese. The ideal dessert for autumn.

Get the recipe at The Girl Who Ate Everything.


The great thing about this recipe is that a sugar cookie is the basis, meaning you can use any recipe you want better for sugar cookies. The remainder is plain.

Get the recipe at Sarah’s Bake Studio.

Ghastly Candy Bark

Okay, well, this isn’t really a cookie, theoretically, but it’s so adorable to the point that you’ll forget it isn’t.

Get the recipe at The Simple Sweet Life.


Officially, Nutter Butters is the most underestimated cookie base of all times, yet only three ingredients are needed for such “boos.”

Get the recipe at Home.Made.Interest.

Werewolf Cookies

These are werewolf cookies, you can see, right? Without any characteristics, I presume, but the fuzz and the eyes? I’m here to tell you, if not.

There are cookies from a werewolf. And they can be made by anybody. For beginner cookie decorators, this is a perfect Halloween cookie. This can also be made by teenagers.

Get the recipe at The Decorated Cookie.

Creepy Crawly Cookies

Cobwebs and spiders aren’t a problem as long as they’re made of chocolate.

It’s great when your little ones are having a school Halloween party. It’s a tad time-consuming, but oh so worth it when you see your kids FREAK-out when they all see them painted.

Get the recipe at The Sweet Nerd

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