Spaghetti Method

Spaghetti French Method

Prep Time: 30 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 10 mins

Servings per Recipe: 10
Calories 549.4
Fat 29.5g
Cholesterol 92.7mg
Sodium 1609.4mg
Carbohydrates 39.8g
Protein 31.7g


1 lb. lean ground beef, browned
1 C. onion
1/2 C. sweet red pepper, chopped
1/2 C. green pepper, chopped
4 -6 garlic cloves, minced
1 tbsp butter
2 (10 oz.) cans rotel
1 (14 1/2 oz.) cans diced tomatoes
8 oz. sliced fresh mushrooms
1 (4 oz.) cans sliced ripe olives, drained
1 1/2 tbsp dried basil
1 1/2 tbsp dried oregano
12 oz. cooked and drained spaghetti
2 C. shredded Mexican blend cheese
2 C. shredded cheddar cheese
1 C. parmesan cheese, shredded
2 (10 3/4 oz.) cans cream of mushroom
1/2 C. water
1 tsp salt
1/8 tsp fresh ground pepper


  1. Before you do anything, preheat the oven to 350 F.
  2. Place a pan over medium heat. Heat in it 1 tbsp of butter. Cook in it the onion with
    garlic and pepper for 5 min.
  3. Stir in the tomatoes, mushrooms, olives,
    hamburger meat, basil, oregano, salt and
    pepper. Cook them for 12 to 16 min.
  4. Lay half of spaghetti in a casserole dish.
    Spread it over it half of the meat mixture
    followed by 2 C. of fiesta blend cheese.
  5. Repeat the process to make another layer.
    Sprinkle the parmesan cheese on top.
  6. Get a mixing bowl: Combine in it the soup
    with water. Pour it all over the spaghetti
  7. Place the casserole in the oven and let it
    cook for 36 to 42 min.
  8. Once the time is up, allow the casserole to
    sit for 5 min. Serve it warm.
  9. Enjoy.

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